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Surf Server – New Timer, New Maps and a bunch of new stuff

Ladys and Gentlemans,

It’s time, time to say goodbye to our old Surf Timer. Almost exactly two years ago we started with a new Surf Timer and new concept. We think the last timer did a great job. But we should stop talking about the old stuff, right? You want the new stuff! So tonight, we digged the grave for the old ckSurf Timer! 🙂

Let’s talk about whats next: over the last couple of month we tested tones of plugins, timer and settings to improve the surf experience on our servers.  We found Fluffyst-Timer which includes some new cool features. We are forced to reset our old ranking because of some migration issues, sorry for that. But we think it’s the best and cleanest way to start with reset rankings. This is fair for everyone.

Some new stuff on the server:

  • Stage records
  • Discord announces
  • Discord help
  • Server across WR announces
  • New Point System
  • Some new VIP Commands and features
  • Updated Surf UI
  • Optimized Server announcements like Command Help, Server list and Rules
  • Some new Commands (Check the new Command FAQ)
  • Tones of new Maps

From today on the new timer is live and ready to use. Feel free to report bugs on our new Discord.


Soo happy surfing and lets rock 🙂



Special Thanks to Steezy, Zackboom, maXusIprime & Slender  🙂

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